Walking the Path

Your garden – fashioned with your love and labour – is a living, breathing work of art that grows organically as you work on it. And whatever style of garden you prefer, whether a rustic English garden, a well-plotted solar garden, a free-form creation or something else entirely, you’ll want to do the most to […]

Making Room for Beauty

Every gardener knows the gratification of growing a garden full of beautiful blooms, but the benefits of gardening go much further than the enjoyment of physical beauty. Gardens also promote the health and wellness of the body, mind and spirit: greenery helps filter toxins from the air and releases fresh oxygen, colourful blooms brighten one’s […]

Gargoyles in the garden

Does your garden surround an ancient castle or a medieval cathedral? No? Well, you can still give it a Gothic vibe and imbue it with mythical magic with the strategic placement of one or more of our fanciful gargoyles. Though these carved stone creatures have been found on buildings from ancient times and adorn more […]