5 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Gardener

If you are not sure what to give to the gardener on your Holiday list, here are some great gift ideas. Mondus Distinction carries gifts for the gardener in anyone’s life.  There are endless possibilities, but here are some very popular gardening gifts:

  1. Metal Birds

Metal birds are beautiful and elegant statues that can be used outdoors all year long for a remarkable display that will generate interest. We offer a large selection of freestanding metal birds that adds colour to water areas, ponds or garden beds. Birds have an elegance in their outline that is unmatched, and our larger bird statues include cranes, peacocks, flamingos, wild turkeys, and even owl statues so you can find just the look you want.

White heron beak down metal bird gift idea for the garden

White heron beak down

  1. Bird Houses

Bird watching in Canada and around the world is a very favourite pastime for many people. Bird houses are also very highly decorative items.  It makes sense to get the right kind of bird house for the birds and for your outdoor décor. Bird lovers will rejoice at our very large and versatile selection to choose from. Our unique bird houses consist of high quality and durable materials to withstand the weather without any problems.

Funky green decorative bird house gift idea

Funky green bird house

  1. Wall Art and Garden Plaques

Add style and flair to your walls with our large selection of wall hangings, garden wall plaques and wall art. Contemporary and traditional styles in metal, glass, concrete, ceramic and wood will transform walls into works of art. These garden plaques can also be used indoors. At Mondus, you will find a varied selection of hand carved and painted wall plaques, door knockers, garden hooks, outdoor clocks and inspirational wall plaques that will bring charm and character to any room or garden.


Friends wall art gift idea

Friends wall art

  1. Candle Holders and Lanterns

Add beauty to your garden with these unique candle holders, tea light holders and outdoor garden lanterns. We offer both traditional and modern style, as well as Asian style. Everyone of them is a charming addition to any home, garden, gazebo, deck, or patio. We also offer a wide variety of Japanese garden lanterns made from solid concrete and suitable for outdoor use. These outdoor lanterns are very popular used near water in the garden. They give out a sense of peace and tranquillity. These decorative lanterns are perfect if you want to add romance for those quiet, relaxing evenings with loved ones.

Kyoto Lantern Gift Idea

Kyoto Lantern

  1. Gargoyles

Find garden gargoyle statues for that special person in your life from our unique selection. This type of statue became popularized through the belief that they warded away evil spirits through their typically grotesque designs. This belief also promoted the use of gargoyles beyond the walls of citadels, and they became common décor in certain homes, sometimes in the form of lions or other animals in addition to more classic winged beasts. In the modern age this tradition continues as a gargoyle statue for the garden provides a unique gothic flair to any household. Our garden gargoyles are made in Canada and come in different several materials and stains.

Griffin Gargoyle Statue Gift Idea for the gardener

Griffin Statue

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