Add Holiday Cheer to Your Front Porch

One of the best parts of the Holidays is getting together with family and friends. You can begin to set the mood of warm welcome and fun by creating a mood of holiday cheer to your front porch.

The old familiar saying is, “Put your best foot forward.” That can apply to your home as well. There is no end to the creativity and imagination you can tap into when you begin with the theme of adding holiday cheer to your front porch.

Warmly Welcome Your Guests with Holiday Lights

Holiday lights along the path to your front porch and at your front door can help to set a festive mood for your guests before they even enter your home. Here are some simple suggestions of how you can do just that:

  1. If you have fences or posts, wrap them with garlands, red bows and white or coloured lights. If there are no fences or posts leading up to your front porch, you might consider wrapping the stair railing and/or porch posts. Another magical idea is to place holiday candle holders or lanterns on your stairs.
Front Porch Holiday Decor

Front Porch Holiday Decor

  1. If you have had a container garden during the summer months, think of transforming those containers with a wintry update of cedar branches, dried eucalyptus and winterberry holly. Another idea is to take silver glass gazing balls, place them in your containers on evergreen branches and add a large red ribbon bow. The silver glass balls will reflect any holiday lights nearby.
Holiday Container

Holiday Container

  1. When it comes to your front door, begin by framing your door with garlands and lights. Next, add a wreath. Wreaths can be as simple as buying one from a florist or garden center to creating a unique one that is homemade. You might even consider purchasing battery operated Christmas lights to add to the wreath.

Adding Character and Holiday Cheer to Your Front Porch

Once you completed adding the Holiday lights and basics, it will be time to add your own unique touches.

  1. Keeping in mind your indoor Christmas decorations, you can create Christmas scenes for your front porch or entrance with winter items such as ice skates, sleds, skis, sleigh bells and caps and mittens.
  2. You can even take plastic boxes and wrap them in colourful assorted foil Christmas wrap. The “presents” can then be stacked on sleds or under a mini decorated and lit Christmas tree.
  3. Other special touches to bring holiday cheer to your front porch are reindeer statues and even Christmas toys such as a wooden Christmas teddy bear seated on a Christmas blanket.

Wooden Teddy Bear

And there you have it; our ideas of how to welcome your family and friends to your home this holiday season. Mondus Distinction would like to wish you a very Happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year 2017! We appreciate your support and will always do our best to bring you unique and inspiring Home and Garden products!


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