3 Top Garden Décor Trends for 2017

The 3 top garden décor trends for 2017 fall into the category of funky bird houses, rusty metal yard décor, and even adding an exterior wall canvas as a focal point for your wall art gallery.

1) Bird Houses Don’t Have to Be Boring

If you have been installing boring old square box bird houses in your back yard, take heart. The 2017 bird houses will add fun and colour to your garden while attracting the birds you love. They come in all sizes, shapes and colours!

Funky green decorative bird house

Funky green bird house

The bird houses you choose should be porous enough to allow moisture and heat to escape during the summer. Bird houses made of metal and plastic tend to get too hot and can actually harm your bird tenants. You will find that wood bird houses are the most durable and will keep baby birds from getting too hot inside as they grow.

2) Rusty Metal Decorations

As you can see from our rusty squirrel, oxidized iron statues are perfect in the garden. We like metal in the garden because it lasts. It also rusts with what we like to call a patina of the crusty kind.  With a dusting of colour from Mother Nature, rust gives metal objects an orange glow and an antique look that invites your attention. Rustic metal ornaments will enhance your flower beds, ornamental trees, patio, deck, etc. They bring a vintage touch to your garden or yard!

Rusty Squirrel

Rusty Squirrel

3) Exterior Wall Canvas

For several years now, people have been extending the living space of their home to the outdoors. If you are one of those who extended your love of art to the exterior of your home by creating an outdoor wall art gallery, you will love this top garden décor trend for 2017!

Sitting Buddha Outdoor Canvas

Sitting Buddha Outdoor Canvas

An exterior wall canvas features UV resistant printing and a weather proof frame. With such features, you can rest assured of long-lasting beauty in your garden. The exterior wall canvas was designed to be perfect for pool, patio or porch areas! Different styles and themes are available such as flowers, Buddhas and sceneries, etc.

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