Wood Decor: All Season Garden Decor!

Natural and rustic wood decor has always been extremely popular year round for garden decorations and garden accessories. Not only is wood decor beautiful, but it can also be very economical when reclaimed or scrap wood is used along with one’s creativity. Wood decor adds warmth and texture that often is missing when other products are used. Consider for instance the difference between a wooden trellis and a metal trellis. The wooden trellis can evoke a more cottage-garden-style look, while a metal trellis might fit in better with a more modernistic theme. Another factor to consider is that when reclaimed wood is incorporated in the decor, a piece of history is passed along as well.

The Use of Wood Decor throughout Your Garden and Yard

Natural wood is very durable which makes it an excellent choice for your garden decor accents. Woods like acacia, cedar, redwood and teak also give you peace of mind because they are weather-resistant. As wood is porous, it is an excellent choice for bird houses. It will keep your fine feathered friends warm in winter and cool in summer, not to mention healthy. No matter what your garden theme, there are wonderful, imaginative wooden bird houses available to add special wood decor touches to your yard.

Funky Red Bird House Wood Decor

Funky Red Bird House

If you have a blank wall that you are using to create an outdoor gallery, there are wooden garden ornaments such as this wood hanging flower:

Wood Decor Hanging Flower Red

Wood Hanging Flower Red

Do you like entertaining outdoors? If you have an outdoor grill or kitchen area, here is a very unique wood décor plaque that was constructed from reclaimed wood from tumbling southern Ontario barns, which date back to the late 19th century.

Great Ingredients Wall Art Wood Decor

Great Ingredients Wall Art

Portable Wood Decor Planter for a Patio or Deck

In the last several years, 3-tier vertical wall gardens have become very popular. This is in part due to apartment dwellers who love to garden and those who love the idea of being able to move their plants around. Planting a 3-tier vertical wall garden is similar to container gardening. A 3-tier vertical wall garden planter is fashioned of wood, making it part of the wood décor for your patio or deck.

Vertical Gardening Wall Planter Wood Decor

Vertical Gardening Wall Planter

Finally, when thinking of your friends, don’t forget; wood decor makes wonderful unique gifts or accents for almost any style or theme of garden and home. For more garden decor ideas, please visit us at www.mondusdistinction.com.



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  1. I think having outdoor wood decorations is really cool! I know my wife loves having garden decorations, particularly her big spoon windmill. I think with Easter around the corner she might like some new things for out there, so I’ll have to see what she thinks of wood!

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