Make the Rooster the King of Your Garden

Having some form of rooster in your garden is said to bring you luck and could just make you feel good. Perhaps that is one of the reasons that rooster décor has become so popular.

The end of winter can always be a somewhat depressing time of year for gardeners. We are often at the mercy of Mother Nature to start bringing warmer days of sunshine to melt ice and snow and thaw the earth for planting. This is the perfect time of year to start adding some “good luck” to our garden with some rooster cheer.

Unique Rooster Garden Décor

When you think of rooster décor for your garden you want to think of unusual items that will not only add texture to your garden, but will also add interest and color.

Here is one of our favourite garden statues:

Metal Rooster

Metal Rooster

Now how could anyone possibly have the “winter blues” looking at this colourful enameled metal rooster? He is designed to brighten up your garden year round.

The Symbol of the Rooster in Different Cultures and Ethnic Backgrounds

Depending on your culture and ethnic background the rooster may symbolize more than just good luck. For instance, In Portugal there is the Galo de Barcelos, the national symbol of Portugal. The town of Barcelos is well known for its earthenware and the most popular symbol is the rooster. There the rooster symbolizes honesty, integrity, trust and honour.

When you add a door knocker like our rooster head knocker, you will be giving a clear message of honesty, integrity, trust and honour to the visitors to your home.

Rooster Head Knocker

Rooster Head Knocker

As anyone born in the Asian culture of China knows, people born in different years are said to be born under different signs. The sign of the rooster is one of those signs. People born under that sign are said to be practical quick thinkers who don’t like to take unnecessary risks. They enjoy a keen sense of detail and always seem to know what’s going on. Rooster people have a trusting behavior and are not easily fooled. They tend to be straight forward and love honesty.

Regardless of your culture or background however, the rooster will add some old country charm to your yard. Take a look at this rustic rooster bird house:

Rustic Rooster Bird House

Rustic Rooster Bird House

I hope by now we’ve been able to stimulate your creative juices and you are looking forward to all of the “good luck” that you will be bringing into your yard this spring. For more great decor ideas, visit us at


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