Drab Into Colourful: 10 Outdoor Decorating Tips

As the ho-hum of winter melts away it’s time to turn drab into colourful as you begin to plan to transform your outdoor areas to energizing spaces where you can enjoy every sunny weekend with your family and friends.

As you begin, you’ll be amazed at how colour and texture can lift your spirits.

10 Drab into Colourful Outdoor Decorating Ideas to Brighten Your Life:

  1. First, choose a colour theme. What colours do you love? Work your plan around those shades.
  2. Next, as a gardener you probably have a collection of plant containers in various colours, sizes and textures. This is the time to pull them out and decide which ones can be reused as is and which ones may need new pot covers or need to be replaced.
  3. If you have a deck, porch or patio you will want to begin looking for a colourful rug that brings out the shades of your chosen colour theme. This rug will act as your foundation, so choose wisely.
  4. As you add your outdoor furniture and patio chairs you may decide to repaint them in your theme colour or a blending colour.
Red Garden Furniture

Red Garden Furniture

5. Once your furniture is painted, you are ready to think about adding bright cushions, pillows and a table cover in complimentary shades. Don’t forget that your goal is to turn drab into colourful, so be careful of too much patterning.

6. You will most surely want to use your outdoor living area in the evenings. Nothing is cozier, even romantic, than soft glowing candlelight. Here you can allow yourself to become eclectic and choose from a variety of candles and lanterns in different shapes, sizes and colours.

As you step down from your deck or patio into your yard you have even more options. Bring your outdoor spaces to life with vibrant decorative accessories such as garden statues, garden stakes, trellises and gazing balls. Metal birds such as colourful roosters, ducks and pelicans are also a great way to turn drab into colourful.

Pelican Metal Birds

Metal Birds

7. Hang a colourful hammock and add artistic stepping stones.

8. Instead of wrapping tree trunks with tiny white lights, why not choose to string them with multi-coloured lights?

9. Paint the door and windows of your shed in colours such as red, purple or yellow.

10. Turn walls that are drab into colourful and inviting art galleries and wall garden plaques.

Metal Sun

Metal Sun

Well, you get the idea. The choices are endless. If you feel the need of more personalized help as you turn your outdoor areas from drab into colourful, please visit our website or contact us. We will be more than happy to help you.

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